Tips on Buying an ATV

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4 Wheeler ATVs Create Fun Memories for Life

There are some times and some things that a person will never forget, and among these are the fun adventures that can be created simply by heading outside for a trip over the trails or through the field on a fleet of 4 wheeler ATVs. If your family loves exploring the outdoors and enjoying a rugged ride together, 4 wheelers can help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Both adults and kids can ride 4 wheeler ATVs – they’re stable because of the four sturdy wheels under them and their low center of gravity. They’re fun because they can get you through and over rugged spots that a bike wouldn’t work on. You can head out to the back 40 for a picnic and not worry about getting stuck! ATVs are also nice because you can haul stuff with them.

If you’re looking for a good, sturdy starter ATV for the younger members of your family, check out a 110cc 4 wheeler ATV with 6” tires. This is a great mini-sized ATV that will work well for younger riders up to about 150 pounds.

With a single cylinder, 110 cc 4 stroke engine, automatic transmission, rear hydraulic disc brakes, remote control shut off and speed restrictor, this is a fun and safe ATV for kids to get started with.

An ATV like this promises that you and your kids will have a great time riding the range, but you won’t have to worry about them handling a machine that is too big, heavy and fast.

And you can get a youth-sized 4 wheeler ATV for a really affordable price, too. This is a huge bonus because you can give your kids something that they’ll enjoy for a long time, without breaking the bank.

If your family is the outdoorsy type, ATVs are something you should have at the ready for family fun! A Saturday afternoon ride that takes you through nature and leads to a day of fun and relaxation can’t be beat for making lasting memories!

If you live in the country, or even a suburban area with some wide-open spaces, you’ll love what you can do with a 4 wheeler ATV. Head out for fishing at the pond or stream. Explore trails through the woods. Set up a racecourse in the back yard. Use your ATV to help with yard work. Find a secluded meadow to enjoy a picnic and a day of quietly enjoying all that nature offers.

But when you purchase 4 wheeler ATVs, don’t forget that safety must always come first. Helmets, goggles and other protective gear will help make an afternoon on the ATV safe and entertaining. There’s nothing like the freedom that a 4 wheeler ATV offers. Get out there with your family and have some good outdoors fun!