Tips on Buying a Canon Powershot

Let a Canon Powershot Capture Your Vacation Memories

Don’t let your vacation go by without capturing every memory with the Canon Powershot camera. Time spent on vacation with friends and family is time that you want to remember and share. These are the best moments of life, and are worth capturing so that you can see the sights and smiles again and again.

If you don’t have a decent digital camera, or if you’re ready to get a great, fun to use, and easy to transport camera, then the Canon Powershot is for you. This ultra-slim digital gives you innovative technology in a compact and colorful package. There are so many features with this camera, that you won’t know where to start loving it!

The big 2.5-inch LCD screen is a great place to begin. It’s easy to view in any light, with an anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating, along with a Night Display feature. The size of the screen gives you excellent framing control, so you can make sure each shot is perfectly centered.

The 12.1 megapixel resolution is another great feature that you’ll appreciate. You’ll get incredible clarity and definition in your images. Every detail will be sharp, so prints in any size will be fantastically frame-able.

The Canon Powershot SD780 camera also provides you with a 3x optical zoom lens. This means that you can get close-up shots without ruining the image. Distant objects will appear sharp and clear, and closer objects, such as a bright and happy smile, will be brilliantly beautiful.

Concerned that the excitement of your vacation will make you a shaky photographer? Don’t worry. The Canon Powershot’s Optical Image Stabilizer detects shakes and corrects it. No blurry photos and fuzzy images – just beautiful shots of all the fun. And the Optical Image Stabilizer works on its own, automatically. So you don’t have to give it a second thought.

Here’s another highlight that will make capturing and keeping vacation memories a breeze: HD movie shooting and HDMI output. You can record high-definition videos with your Canon Powershot SD780 camera and then play them on your HDTV via a HDMI connector.

Finally, Smart AUTO picks the right settings for you each time you take a picture. You don’t have to fumble with the details. Your Canon Powershot camera has them handled. There are a total of 18 settings that the camera will automatically select, making it easy to take photos in any light, in any conditions, of any thing.

Do you want to remember every moment of your family vacation? Do you want to be able to enjoy all of the smiles and fun from your Honeymoon over and over again? Do you want to see that bright blue ocean or the majestic mountains at any time? Take the Canon Powershot with you on your next vacation and rest assured that you won’t miss one moment of fun, beauty, happiness or excitement!