Tips on Buying a Fire Pit

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Add a Fire Pit to Your Outdoors for Added Elegance

Spring, summer and fall are perfect seasons to enjoy the outdoors – not only during the day, but into the evening as well. If you love to entertain outdoors or relax outside in the evening, watching as the stars come out one by one, you’ll love the idea of adding a fire pit to your deck or yard for elegance, atmosphere and a warm and cozy spot to tell stories and share memories by.

The days of building archaic stone pits where you make a small fire in the back yard are gone. If you desire a bit more sophistication for your evenings, the CobraCo Round Fire Bowl will add beauty and style to any setting.

Most people these days love the idea of being able to use their patio, deck and backyard as outdoor extensions of their homes, and a fire pit is one feature that makes evening entertaining so much fun.

Imagine lighting a crackling fire in an elegant copper-finish and cast iron footed bowl. Think about how appealing that would look like from the inside of your home, and how your guests would be drawn out to see it and enjoy themselves by it.

The 29.9-inch diameter of the CobraCo Round Fire Bowl allows for a fire large enough to cast a bit of warmth, dissipate darkness, and create an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness. There’s a mesh screen that can be used over the bowl, and a vinyl cover to protect it when not in use.

Because of its size, this elegant fire pit is easy to take along to the cottage, camping and on vacation. And it’s simple to clean, too. Think of all of the ways you can use a fire pit this year.

In the spring and fall, it can add some warmth and light to cooler nights, making it possible to get the most outdoor enjoyment from your yard or deck as possible. In the summer, it becomes the centerpiece for a fun evening of toasting marshmallows or just mellowing out.

The bowl shape of your fire pit allows heat to dissipate in all directions. This means that in the heat of the summer, it won’t be as searing hot as a campfire, and in the cooler seasons, it will still shed some comforting heat if the evening temperatures drop.

A fire pit looks great, too – even when not in use. The pleasing curve of a round bowl fire pit is attractive in any setting. And bowl fire pits are not messy because they enclose all the ash in one easy to clean area. The copper finish of the CobraCo Round Fire Bowl is subtly sophisticated and compliments wood, stone and brick.

If you’re looking for a way to add a special touch of elegance and style to your outdoor living space, a fire pit is the way to go. For beauty and a way to extend outdoor entertaining into the evening, fire pits are perfect.

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