Tips for Buying the Right Home Office Chair

If you work from home, most likely you sit in your home office chair a lot. With the thinking that you will be spending long hours sitting in front of your, you probably gave a lot of thought getting the right computer monitor to minimize the strain on your eyes. But how much thought have you given to the proper fit of your home office chair that you sit in for the same amount of hours as you spend in front of your computer?

You might not think it matters but sitting in a poorly fitting office chair could affect your posture, bring on fatigue and discomfort and could result in serious long-term muscular-skeletal problems or aggravate existing conditions.

Keeping the health aspect in mind, a comfortable and ergonomic office chair should be on the top of your shopping list. A good quality office chair should be ergonomically designed to give the right amount of support, and come with a variety of mechanisms so that you can adjust the chair to fit your size and stature.

To help you find an office chair that is comfortable and ergonomic and fits your budget, below are a few buyer tips.

Budget. Consider how much you want to spend on your office chair based on how many hours a day you will sit in the chair. You want a comfortable chair that is economical to buy and that will not hurt your body. You don’t need to spend money on extravagance, such as leather, massage or recline features that will not contribute to your comfort. Office chairs can be pricey. Stay within your budget. But never buy a chair just because it costs the least of the lot.

Size. Make sure the chair will fit in front of your workstation or computer desk, or that that it will not take up most of your office space.

Adjustments. A chair should have at least the basic adjustment to let you adjust the ergonomics of the chair to your needs. The basic adjustments to look for are the adjustment for the height of the seat, the seat angle or tilt, the height and width of the armrests, and the seat depth. These adjustments should be easy to make.

Stability. Look for office chairs with five casters that will make the chair harder to tip over. If you work area is carpeted, make sure the casters roll over the carpet easily.

Where to buy. Shop for your office chair at stores that you trust. Shop at stores that carry quality furniture, provide good customer service and stand by their guarantees.

There are of course other things to take into account such as ergonomics, materials, brands and whether you want to buy new or used chairs. But if you follow the basics mentioned above when you go shopping for your office chair, you’ll be off to a great start in choosing the right chair for your home office.