Tips on Buying a Wooden Swing Set Playhouse Combo

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Wooden Swing Set Playhouse Combo You Can Assemble Yourself

All of the excitement your kids’ hearts could ever desire in play fun can be found in the Swing-N-Slide W”Ter Wood Complete Ready-to-Assemble Swing Set Kit. They’ll get 32 sq. feet total of deck room they can romp around on and it comes with an easy to assemble system called the “Rapid-Loc bracket system,” which makes setting this playhouse combo up as easy as 1-2-3.

Everything you need to complete the set up is already contained in the kit so you won’t have the frustration of stopping to run to the store for a part. In a matter of hours, you can have this combo ready for the kids to enjoy.

There are activities galore in this playhouse. Not only does it come with swings, a glider and climbing rocks, but a picnic table is also included. Talk about all day fun! The playhouse has a window and cute decorative shutters on the outside. Combined with kids’ imaginations, the playhouse can become almost anything.

The shaded canopy in the Swing-N-Slide W”Ter Wood Complete Ready-to-Assemble Swing Set Kit offers some cool shade when the summer sun gets too relentless. Two things in the kit that parents really like are the fact that the swings are equipped with belts and an instructional DVD to walk through the complete setup is included.

Another playset that’s a hit with parents and kids alike is the Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready-to-Assemble Swing Set Kit. The bracket system lets you get it ready to use fast and with the pre-cut lumber, you don’t have the hassle of having to make sure you saw boards the right length.

All of the measuring and preparing has been done for you. It comes with a nice wave slide, which kids seem to like better than a straight traditional slide. You also get monkey bars with this one. Kids can have so much fun while playing with this set and they’ll still manage to get the daily exercise that keeps them happy and healthy as they grow.

For those who want a monster of a playset, there’s the Blue Ridge Frontier set. It costs a little more but you get a lot more for that extra cost. Since it’s a durable piece, it’ll last for many years.

So if you divide the cost by the number of years it’ll last, you can see it’s a worthy investment. The specially treated wood is intolerant of the things that can damage a playset – namely insects, rot from the weather and age related decay.